Addon Categories for Classic Cataclysm


Fake Achievement | Instance Achievement Tracker | Krowi's Achievement Filter

Action Bar

Replace Default Action Bars: Bartender4 | Dominos
Add Bars/Buttons: ActionbarPlus | ButtonForge | OPie | ShadowDancer
Cooldown Numbers: OmniCC
Red out of Range: tullaRange
Show Buffs/Debuffs/Spell Activations: LiteButtonAuras

Addon Control | Settings

Addon Control: AddOn Suite | BetterAddonList | Simple Addon Manager
Addon CPU Usage: Addon Usage
Alignment Grid: eAlign
Display Lua Errors: BugGrabber | BugSack
Error Messages Redirect: ErrorMonster
Profiles | Settings: Myslot



Art | Graphics

Aurora | BTex | Dragonflight UI Classic | Gryphons Remover | Skinner
Darker Frames: DarkMode | FrameColor
Replace Graphics: Clean Icons - Mechagnome Edition | Simpy's Styled Interface Icons
Skin Buttons: Masque

Masque: Blizz Bars | Blizzard Inventory | Dominos | OPie
Masque Themes: Apathy | Caith | Cirque | Entropy | Fusion | Gears | LiteStep | Onyx | Serenity | Squarish | Stylo


Auctionator | Auctioneer | Aux | TradeSkillMaster
Track Sales: Journalator

Bags | Inventory

Bags - One Big Bag: Bagnon | Inventorian | LiteBag
Bags - One Big Bag or Sorted into Categories: Baganator
Bags - Sorted into Categories: ArkInventory | Baggins | BetterBags | Sorted
Bags - Searchable List including Alts: Baud Manifest
Enhance Default Bags: BoE Labels | Cleanup | Garbage Desaturation | ItemLevels | Simple Item Levels | SortBags
Find Least Valuable Item to Delete when Bags are Full: Dejunk | DropTheCheapestThing
Inventory Sorting/Stacking: BankStack | RinseOBags
Inventory Trackers: BagSync | Stash | Syndicator
Show Remaining Bag Space: Free Bag Spaces

Bagnon: BoE | Garbage | ItemLevel | ItemLevel Plus | Masque | RequiredLevel
BetterBags: Archaeology | BetterSort | BoE BoA | Classic Categories | ElvUI Skin | Gear First | Hearthstones | iLvl | ImportExport | ItemRack | Legendary | Tabards | Teleports
Inventorian: Simple Item Levels

Buff | Debuff | Cooldowns

BasicBuffs | BigDebuffs | Buff Timers | Bufflehead | Elkano's BuffBars | Gnosis | NeedToKnow | NugRunning | Raven | TellMeWhen | WeakAuras
Buff Monitoring: Buffomat Classic | Buffwatch Classic | SmartBuff
Buffs/Debuffs on Nameplates: NameplateAuras
Cooldowns: Cooldown Timeline | CooldownToGo | Doom_CooldownPulse | OmniCD
Debuff Removal: Decursive | SmartDeBuff
Monitor Classic World Buffs: Nova World Buffs
Show Cooldowns on Action Bar Buttons: OmniCC
Show Who Cast Buff: Buff Owner


CastBarsEZ | CastCursor | Classic Castbars | Gnosis | Movable Cast Bar | Quartz | Voodoo Casting Bar


alaChat | BasicChatMods | Prat | xanChat
Add Icons to Links: ChatLinkIcons
Add Main Name to Chat: Who Im I
Add Guildies Main Names to Chat: Alts
Bar for Channel Selection: ChatBar
Bind Windows to Chat Tabs: ChatTabBind
Copy Chat Settings to Other Characters: Copybara
Copy Text: Chat Copy Paste
Instant Messengers: WIM
Invites: Invite On Whisper
Links: LinkWrangler
Move Input Box to Top of Chat Frame: ChatInputTop
Reformat System Messages: Chat Cleaner
Resize Input Box: Big Input Box
Sounds: Chat Sound Customizer
Spam: BadBoy | TradeFilter

Collections | Companions | Mounts

All the Things | Bestride Mount Manager | LiteMount | Mount Journal Enhanced | MountsJournal


Grounded | KillTrack | WeaponSwingTimer SixxFix
Alert When Standing in Bad Stuff: GTFO
Combat Text: Advanced Scrolling Combat Text
Duel: MicroDeclineDuel
Range to Target Display: RangeDisplay
Resource Tracking - Combo Points/Chi/Mana/Energy/Holy Power: BasicComboPoints | Compact Runes | Engraved | MissingPower | NugComboBar | NugEnergy | UmberRunes
Spell Activations: SpellActivationOverlay
Sounds: Hear Kitty | Vocal Raid Assistant
Tanking: TankHelper | Who Taunted


CursorMod | CursorTrail
Castbar on Cursor: CastCursor

Damage Meter

Details! | Recount | Skada

Data Bars | Data Broker

Data Broker Displays: Bazooka | Button Bin | Titan Panel
Data Broker Plugins: Ara Broker Reputations | Ara Broker XP | Broker Anything | Broker Everything | Calendar Reborn | ClosetGnome | Compass | DropTheCheapestThing | Leveltime | Location | Played Time | Portals | RepairBroker | Sexy Reputation | TSMProfile | XPBar
Titan Panel Plugins: Attributes | Currencies | Profession | Professions | Raid Lockout | Reputation | Spacer
Information Bars: XIV Databar


BagAppraiser | Farmer | Gathering | KiwiFarm | SellableItemDrops


Enhanced Flight Map | Flight Master | FlightMap Larger | Leatrix Plus | OnFlight

Frame Mods

BlizzMove | MoveAny | No Auto Close
Achievement Frame: xanAchievementMover
Buff Frame: BasicBuffs
Game Menu: Big Game Menu

Friends | Ignore

Friend Notes | Global Ignore List and Spam Filter Classic | I Remember You

Gear | Stat Priority

Auto Equip: Jeeves
Best in Slot: AceBIS | Loon Best In Slot | Simple BiS
Boss Loot Tables: AtlasLootClassic
Character Frame/Stats: CharacterStatsPane Improved | Classic Character Stats | DeloCharacterPanel | ExpandedStats | GearFlyout | Narcissus | Simple Item Levels | SinStats Character Stats
Convert Combat Ratings into Percentages in Tooltips: Rating Buster | Pawn
Looting Gear: AutoGear
Managers: alaGearMan | EquipmentSets | ItemRack | Outfitter


Fast Guild Invite | Guild Achievements Manager | Guildbook | Guild Roster Manager | Guild Search
Calendar: Guild Calendar


Replace Default Raid Frames: Aptechka | Cell | DRaidFrames | Grid2 | Healbot | Plexus | VuhDo
Enhance Default Raid Frames: Buff Overlay | Enhanced Raid Frames | Raid Frame Settings | RaidFrameSettings Excorp Fork
Add Spell Buttons/Bars to Unit Frames: Healium
Announce Status to Chat: Healer Protection
Click Casting: Clicked | Clique

Interface Options

Account Wide Interface Option Settings | AdvancedInterfaceOptions | Annoying Pop-Up Remover | CTMod | DTweaks | Easy Delete | Immersive | Leatrix Plus
Camera Settings: DynamicCam | Max Camera Distance


BindPad | Clicked | KeyBindProfiles

LFG - Looking for Group

LFGFilter | LFG Group Bulletin Board | Premade Groups Filter


Replace Default Loot Frame: XLoot
Loot Notifications: Lootifications | ls: Toasts
Reserves: LootReserve
Speed Up Looting: Faster Loot | Speedy AutoLoot


Macro Creation: M6 | Macro Toolkit
Adds a Macro Which Creates a Flyout List: Select
Automatic Updating for Best Food/Water Macros: AutoBar | Buffet
Create Sequence of Macros: GSE: Advanced Macro Compiler
Targeting Macro: FindA Target


Bulk Mail Inbox | EasyMail | Favorite Contacts | Gnomish Inbox Shrinker | Postal
Automate Sending Items to Alts: Bulk Mail | MailCommander


Carbonite Classic | Enhance BattlefieldMinimap | Leatrix Maps
Add Routes for Farming: Routes
Add Waypoints: TomTom
Add Zone Details: ZoneInfo
Coordinates: X and Y
Map Notes: HandyNotes
Show Gathering Nodes: GatherLite | GatherMate2

Handy Notes: A Path Less Travelled | Adorable Raptor Hatchlings | Cod Do Batter | Collection | Higher Learning | MapNotes | MapNotes Cataclysm | Mysterious Camel Figurine | Netherwing Eggs | Noble Garden | NPCs | TravelGuide | World Map Button


BasicMinimap | DejaMinimap | EKMinimap | SexyMap
Alerts for Tracked Items: Minimap Alert
Change Minimap Icons: Keyboard's Minimap Icons
Put Minimap Buttons into one Flyout Menu: HidingBar | KiwiMBC | MinimapButtonButton


AFK: AFK Fullscreen Warning | AFK Screen
Classic Class Trainer/Spells: What's Training?
Colors: ColorPickerPlus
Create Wowhead Links: Wowhead Quick Link
Durability: Detailed Durability
Gold Tracking: GoldCoffer | Simple Gold Counter
Hardcore: Hardcore | HighLevelAlert
Inspect: Merinspect
Search Game Item Database: Global Search | Ludwig
Skip Cinematics/Movies: Cinematic Skipper
Talents: alaTalentEmu
Toy Box: Toy Box Enhanced
Use Console Controllers: ConsolePort


ClassicPlates Plus | KiwiPlates | KuiNameplates | NeatPlates | Nephilist Nameplates | nPlates | PhantomPlates | Plater Nameplates | Threat Plates
Add Auras to Nameplates: NameplateAuras
Add Class Colors to Nameplates: ZaremNP
Add Target Indicator: Target Nameplate Indicator


Character Notes | Notepad | TinyPad


Call to Arms
Combat Log: AutoCombatLogger | LoggerHeadLite
Lockouts: Nova Instance Tracker
Mob Marking: AutoMarkTarget | DejaMark
Targeting: Magic Targets 2
Threat Meter: ThreatClassic2 | ThreatMeter
Track Cooldowns: Ability Team Tracker


Boss Mods Dungeon: LittleWigs
Mythic: Mythic Dungeon Tools


Boss Mods Raid: Big Wigs | Deadly Boss Mods
Raid: Method Raid Tools | Nova Raid Companion | PhenomRaidTools
Raid Leader: Raid Command | Transcriptor
Raid Leader Looting: BastionLoot | CalamityEPGP | CEPGP | Core Loot Manager | Gargul | GDKPdClassic | HonziLoot | NotaLoot | PantheonDKP | RCLootCouncil


Ability Team Tracker | Killshot | Spy | UnitInCombat
Mark Healers: Healers Have to Die
Track Debuffs: BigDebuffs
Track Dimishing Returns on CC: Diminish DR Tracker
Track Enemy Cooldowns: NameplateCooldowns | OmniBar
Track Party Cooldowns: OmniCD


ArenaMarker | ArenaStats | Gladdy | GladiusEx | sArena


BattleGroundEnemies | BattlegroundTargets | Capping | Enhance BattlefieldMinimap | EzInc | Incoming | SafeQueue


Dugi Questing Essential | Questie
Abandon: Reckless Abandon
Accept/Turnin Automation: Auto Quests | Blitz
Find Quest Mobs: unitscan
Leveling Guides Free: Guidelime | Wow-Pro Guides
Leveling Guides Paid: Joana's Classic Speed Leveling Guides | RestedXP Guide
Objective Tracker: Kaliel's Tracker
Progress/Completion Status Sounds/Chat Announcements: Quest Announce | Smart Quest
Quest Log: Quest Log Plus
Replace Quest/Gossip NPC Interaction Frames: Dialogue UI | Immersion
Waypoints Arrow: TomTom
XP Trackers: Quest XP Tracker


Rare Alert | RareScanner | SilverDragon | unitscan

Reputation | Renown

Inactive Reputation Headers | RepByZone | Reputation Guide


Hidden NPC Gossip Enabler | MyRolePlay | Total RP 3


Listen to and Play Music with Nearby Players: Musician
Mute: MuteSoundFile
Sound Browser: Leatrix Sounds


TacoTip Cataclysm | TacoTip Continued | TipTac Reborn | ZaremTooltip
Add Best In Slot: SpecBisTooltip
Add Diminishing Return Spell Category: Dr-Mouseover
Add Guild Name: Guild Tooltip
Add Expansion Added: ItemVersion
Add Item ID's: idTip
Add Mob Health/Mana Info: MobInfo2
Add NPC Spawn Times: NPC Time
Add Profession Information: ItemTooltipProfessionIcons | SmexyMats | Where to Gather
Add Vendor Price: Better Vendor Price | Vendor Price
Add Vendor Price per Unit: Sell Price per Unit
Convert Combat Ratings into Percentages: Rating Buster
Customize Stats Formatting: ZeraTooltip


alaTradeSkill | Craft Info Anywhere | Skillet | TradeSkillMaster | Train All
Archaeology: Archaeology Stats Button | Minimal Archaeology
Cooldowns: Profession Cooldown
Fishing: Better Fishing | Fishbringer | Fishing Buddy Classic | MrFish
Gathering/Herbalism/Mining: FarmHud | GatherLite | GatherMate2 | Routes | Track Resources
Milling/Prospecting/DisEnchanting: Breakables | Molinari
Tradeskill Recipes in Tooltip: RecipesCollector


AllTheMogs | AppearanceCollectionTooltip | Can I Mog It? | Collected | Night Watch Transmogs | Transmog Checker | TransmogOutfitManager

Unit Frames

Discord Unit Frames | DUnitFrames | Easy Frames | Inven Unit Frame | Perl Classic | Pitbull | Shadowed Unit Frames | ZaremUF | Z-Perl Unit Frames
Add Class Icons: Classicons
Add Target Information: TargetPercent
Animate Portraits: Adapt
Enhance Default Raid Frames: Buff Overlay | Enhanced Raid Frames | Kallye Raid Frames | RaidFrameSettings | Raid Frame Settings | RaidFrameSettings Excorp Fork
Enhance Default Unit Frames: HealthBarColor
Replace Default Raid Frames: Aptechka | AshToAsh | Cell | DRaidFrames | Grid2 | Healbot | HotSpot | Inven Raid Frame | Plexus | VuhDo
Sort Yourself to Top or Bottom: FrameSort


Compact Vendor | Extended Vendor UI | GnomishVendorShrinker | xMerchant
Auto Restock: Restocker Classic
Auto Sell: Lemmo's Sell Greys | Scrap
Auto Sell/Destroy: Vendor
Auto Sell/Repair/Destroy: Aardvark
Color Known Recipes: Already Known?


Lemmos Experience Bar | XP Bar Text | XP MultiBar