Changing Fonts

You can replace the original game fonts with the fonts you want to use. Create the following folder:
Dragonflight: <WoW directory>\_retail_\Fonts\
Cataclysm: <WoW directory>\_classic_\Fonts\
Classic Era/SOD/HC: <WoW directory>\_classic_era_\Fonts\
Create copies of the font file of your choice, place them in the above folder, and rename them to the following names:

  • ARIALN.ttf (chat font, info text, small text)
  • DAMAGE.ttf (damage font)
  • FRIENDS.ttf (friends list text)
  • FRIZQT__.ttf (the main UI font - NPC names, player names, spell names, item names, buffs, quest log text, combat text, button text)
  • MORPHEUS.ttf (mail text, quest log header text)
  • skurri.ttf (default unit frame combat text)

Popular Fonts

NOTE: Google Font pages act weird when linked. If you get the "Unfortunately, this page doesn't exist." message refresh the page. dafont has many good fonts to choose from. Wowhead has a font replacement guide here.