Welcome to Vranx!

Vranx was created in January 2008 to help World of Warcraft players find addons and compilations. Addons are broken down into specific categories making it easier to find what you are looking for. This page has Season of Discovery/Classic Era/Hardcore addons, go to Dragonflight, go to Wrath.

Addon Categories for Season of Discovery | Classic Era | Hardcore

Action Bar

Replace Default Action Bars: Bartender4 | Dominos
Add Bars/Buttons: ActionbarPlus | OPie | ShadowDancer
Cooldown Color: GreyOnCooldown
Cooldown Numbers: OmniCC
Red out of Range: tullaRange
Show Buffs/Debuffs/Spell Activations: ClassicSpellActivations | LiteButtonAuras
Show Outranked Spells: HintMeRank
Show Power/Mana Use on Buttons: MissingPower
Skin Buttons: Masque | Masque Blizz Bars
Trinket Bar: TrinketMenu

Addon Control | Settings

Addon Control: Addon Control Panel | AddOn Suite | BetterAddonList | Simple Addon Manager
Addon CPU/Memory Usage: Addon Usage | MemoryKiller
Alignment Grid: eAlign Classic | Pixel Perfect Align
Display Lua Errors: BugGrabber | BugSack
Error Messages Redirect: ErrorMonster
Profiles | Settings: Myslot


Altoholic | Armory

Art | Graphics

Aurora | Dragonflight UI Classic | Gryphons Remover | Skinner
Create Panels: kgPanels
Replace Graphics: Clean Icons - Mechagnome Edition | Flat Player Icons
Skin Buttons: Masque


AnS | Auctionator | Auctioneer | AuctionLite | Auctipus | Aux | tdAuction | TradeSkillMaster
Display Prices in Tooltips: AHDB
Track Sales: Journalator

Bags | Inventory

Bags - One Big Bag: Baganator | Bagnon | Baud Bag | Inventorian
Bags - Sorted into Categories: AdiBags | ArkInventory | Baggins | BetterBags | Sorted
Bags - Searchable List including Alts: Baud Manifest
Auto Open Clams: Clam Pulp
Bank Items: BankChecker
Colors: Colored Inventory Items
Enhance Default Bags: Bagmeter | BoE Labels | Garbage Desaturation | ItemLevels | Simple Item Levels
Find Least Valuable Item to Delete when Bags are Full: Dejunk | DropTheCheapestThing
Inventory Sorting/Stacking: BankStack | Cleanup | SortBags | Stackpack
Inventory Trackers: BagSync | Stash | Syndicator

AdiBags: Bound BoE BoA | Cleanup | ElvUI Skin | Hearthstones | ItemRackSets | Item Sets | Runes | Tabards | UnusableItemOverlay
Bagnon: BoE | Garbage | ItemLevel | ItemLevel Plus | Masque | RequiredLevel
BetterBags: BetterSort | BoE BoA | ElvUI Skin | Hearthstones | ItemRack | Legendary | Tabards

Buff | Debuff | Cooldowns

BasicBuffs | BigDebuffs | Buff Timers | Gnosis | NeedToKnow | NugRunning | PolMonitor | Power Auras | Raven | TellMeWhen | WeakAuras
Buff Monitoring: Buffalo | Buffomat Classic | Buffwatch Classic | Raid Rebuff Button | SmartBuff
Cooldowns: Cooldown Timeline | CooldownToGo | Doom_CooldownPulse | OmniCD
Debuff Removal: Decursive | SmartDeBuff
Monitor Classic World Buffs: Nova World Buffs
Show Cooldowns on Action Bar Buttons: OmniCC
Show Who Cast Buff: Buff Owner


CastCursor | Classic Castbars | Gnosis | NugCast | Quartz


BasicChatMods | ChatFramePlus | DejaChat | Glass | Minimalist Chat | Prat | xanChat
Add Icons to Links: ChatLinkIcons
Add Your Main Name to Chat: Incognito | Who Im I
Add Guildies Main Names to Chat: Altimate Chat | Alts | Who Dis
Alert on Keyword: KeywordAlert
Allow Multiple Guilds to share Guild Chat: GreenWall
Autocomplete: ItemAutocomplete
Bar for Channel Selection: ChatBar
Bind Windows to Chat Tabs: ChatTabBind
Block a Language: BlockChinese
Class Colors: ReColorChat
Copy Chat Settings to Other Characters: Copybara
Copy Text: Chat Copy Paste
Instant Messengers: Cellular | WIM
Links: LinkWrangler
Log Chat Messages: Elephant
Move Input Box to Top of Chat Frame: ChatInputTop
Reformat System Messages: Chat Cleaner | MiniLoot | uGain
Resize Input Box: Big Input Box
Show Chat as Combat Text: ScrollingChatText
Sounds: Chat Sound Customizer
Spam: BadBoy | ChatCleanerClassic | SpamBlock


Combat Mode | Grounded | KillTrack | WeaponSwingTimer
Alert When Standing in Bad Stuff: GTFO
CC Tracker: ccc | LoseControl | LossOfControlMessages
Combat Text: MikScrollingBattleText | SCT Damage Reborn | SCT Reborn
Damage Meter: Details! | Recount | Skada
Duel: MicroDeclineDuel
Range to Target Display: RangeDisplay
Resource Tracking: BasicComboPoints | FiveSecondRule | NugComboBar | NugEnergy
Rotation: Conditioner | ConROC
Spell Activations: SpellActivationOverlay
Sounds: Hear Kitty

Data Bars | Data Broker

Data Broker Displays: Bazooka | Button Bin | ChocolateBar | Titan Panel
Data Broker Plugins: Ara Broker Guild Friends | Ara Broker Reputations | Ara Broker XP | BagAppraiser | BagFu | Broker Anything | Broker Everything | Broker Portals | Calendar Reborn | Cash | Compass | Currency Tracking | DropTheCheapestThing | Fishing Buddy | GGSocialState2 | Leveltime | Location | MicroClock | MicroMenu | MoneyFu | Played Time | RepairBroker | Sexy Reputation | Tracking | Training | TSMProfile | Where Am I | XPBar | zz_Bags | zz_Coords | zz_Friends | zz_Infoclock | zz_Money | zz_Repair
Titan Panel Plugins: Attributes | Profession | Professions | Reagent Tracker | Reputation | Socialite | Spacer
Information Bars: XIV Databar


Farmer | Farming Bar | FarmLog | Gathering | KiwiFarm | LootAppraiser

Frame Mods

BlizzMove | Drift | MoveAny | No Auto Close
Buff Frame: BasicBuffs
Class Training Frame: Class Trainer Plus | TrainAll
Darker Frames: FrameColor
Game Menu: Big Game Menu
Mail Frame: Gnomish Inbox Shrinker
Objective Tracker: FadeObjectiveTracker

Friends | Ignore

#Shitlist | Friend List Colors | Friend Notes | Global Ignore List and Spam Filter Classic | I Remember You

Gear | Stat Priority

Auto Equip: Auto-Confirm Equip
Best in Slot: BiS-Tooltip-SoD | Loon Best In Slot | SOD_BISListTooltip
Boss Loot Tables: Atlas Loot Classic SOD
Character Frame/Stats: DejaClassicStats | Extended Character Stats | GearScoreClassic+ | Narcissus | Simple Item Levels | SinStats Character Stats | StatTooltips
Gear Ratings in Tooltips for Comparisons: Pawn
Inspect: Examiner | GearScoreClassic+ | Merinspect | tdInspect
Looting Gear: AutoGear
Managers: alaGearMan | Equipmate | GearMenu | ItemRack Classic | TrinketMenu


Fast Guild Invite | GBankClassic | Guild Bank List Creator | Guildbook | Guild Roster Manager | Message Barker


Hardcore | Hardcore Score | Hardcore Unlocked | HighLevelAlert | Tombstones | UnitScan Hardcore


Replace Default Raid Frames: Aptechka | Cell | DRaidFrames | Grid2 | Healbot | Plexus | VuhDo
Enhance Default Raid Frames: BuffOverlay | ClassicHealPrediction | Enhanced Raid Frames | HealBarsClassic | RaidFadeMore | RaidFrameSettings | RaidFrameSettings Excorp Fork
Add Spell Buttons/Bars to Unit Frames: Healium
Announce Status to Chat: Healer Protection
Click Casting: Clicked | Clique

Interface Options

Account Wide Interface Option Settings | AdvancedInterfaceOptions | Annoying Pop-Up Remover | CTMod | Easy Delete | Leatrix Plus
Camera Settings: DynamicCam | MaxCam

LFG - Looking for Group

Better Bulletin Board | ChatCleanerClassic | FindParty | LFG Group Bulletin Board | lookingforgroup(lfg)


Loot Notifications: Lootifications | ls: Toasts
Reserves: LootReserve
Speed Up Looting: Faster Loot | Speedy AutoLoot


Macro Creation: M6 | Macro Toolkit
Adds a Macro Which Creates a Flyout List: Select
Automatic Updating for Best Food/Water Macros: Buffet
Create Sequence of Macros: GSE: Gnome Sequencer Enhanced
Improve Macro Icons: LargerMacroIconSelection
Targeting Macro: FindA Target


Bulk Mail Inbox | EasyMail | Favorite Contacts | Gnomish Inbox Shrinker | Postal
Automate Sending Items to Alts: Bulk Mail | Lockbox Mailer | Plain AutoMail


Carbonite Classic | Enhance BattlefieldMinimap | Enhanced World Map | Leatrix Maps | Mapster
Add Routes for Farming: Routes
Add Waypoints: TomTom
Add Zone Details: ZoneInfo
Coordinates: MapCoords | X and Y
Instance Maps: Atlas
Map Notes: Candy Buckets | Cpt Stadics Vendor Treasures | HandyNotes
Show Gathering Nodes: GatherMate2
Tracking: World Map Tracking Enhanced

Atlas: Battlegrounds | Classic WoW | Dungeon Locations | Outdoor Raids | Transportation
Handy Notes: Chests Gear and More SoD | Runes SoD Season of Discovery | World Map Button


BasicMinimap | Neat Minimap | SexyMap
Alerts for Tracked Items: Minimap Alert
Control Minimap Buttons: HidingBar | KiwiMBC | MinimapButtonButton
Coordinates: X and Y
Show Level Required to Mine/Herb When You Mouseover Dot on Minimap: Skill Info + | Track Everything


Breath Bar: HC Breath Bar
Calendar: Classic Calendar
Census: ClassicEraCensus
Collections|Companions|Mounts: All the Things
Colors: ColorPickerPlus
Create Wowhead Links: Wowhead Quick Link
Currencies: Currency Tracking
Cursor: CastCursor | CursorMod | CursorTrail
Flight Timers: Flight Timer Classic | InFlight Taxi Timer | Leatrix Plus | TaxiTimer
Fonts: AnyFont | GinkoText
Keybinds: Clicked | KeyBindProfiles
Layers: AutoLayer | Bulo Layer Changer
Notepads: Character Notes | Notepad | Noteworthy | TinyPad
Screenshots: ScreenPlus
Search Game Item Database: Global Search | Ludwig
Skip Cinematics/Movies: Cinematic Skipper
Spellbook: SpellBook Abridged | What's Training?
Talents: Talented Classic | Talent Sequence
Tanking: TankHelper
Track Gold: Accountant
Use Console Controllers: ConsolePort


ClassicPlates Plus | KiwiPlates | KuiNameplates | NeatPlates | Nephilist Nameplates | PhantomPlates | Plater Nameplates | Simple Threat Plates | Threat Plates
Add Auras to Nameplates: NameplateAuras
Add Class Colors to Nameplates: NameplateColors
Add Combat Text to Nameplates: Nameplate Scrolling Combat Text
Add Target Indicator: Target Nameplate Indicator
Add Threat to Nameplates: Blizzard Nameplates - Threat


Attunement: Attune
Combat Log: AutoCombatLogger | LoggerHeadLite
Lockouts: Nova Instance Tracker
Mob Marking: DejaMark | MarkMe | Simple Raid Target Icons
Threat Meter: ThreatClassic2 | ThreatMeter
Track Cooldowns: Ability Team Tracker


Boss Mods Dungeon: LittleWigs


Boss Mods Raid: Big Wigs | Deadly Boss Mods
Raid: Magic Targets | Method Raid Tools | Raider.IO
Raid Leader: AngryEra | oRA3 | Raid Command | RankSentinel | Transcriptor | What's Up
Raid Leader Looting: Gargul | GDKPdClassic | NotaLoot | RCLootCouncil Classic


Ability Team Tracker | Ranker | UnitInCombat
Mark Healers: Healers Have to Die
Track Debuffs: BigDebuffs
Track Dimishing Returns on CC: Diminish DR Tracker
Track Enemy Cooldowns: OmniBar
Track Party Cooldowns: OmniCD


Atlas Battlegrounds | BattleGroundEnemies | Capping | Enhance BattlefieldMinimap | Join In The Battle | RatBG Battleground Target Frames | SafeQueue | VantageEnemyFrames


AtlasQuest | CodexLite | Dugi Questing Essential | Questie
Abandon: Reckless Abandon
Accept/Turnin Automation: Blitz
Find Quest Mobs: FindA Target | unitscan
Leveling Guides Free: Guidelime | Wow-Pro Guides
Leveling Guides Paid: Joana's Classic Speed Leveling Guides | RestedXP Guide
Objective Tracker: Kaliel's Tracker
Progress/Completion Status: Quest Completist | Wholly & Grail
Progress/Completion Status Chat Announcement: Quest Announce | Smart Quest
Progress/Completion Status Sounds: Smart Quest
Quest NPC Voiceover: VoiceOver and VoiceOver Sounds Vanilla
Replace Quest/Gossip NPC Interaction Frames: Dialogue UI | Immersion | Queso | Storyline
Reward Item Value: BestSellButton
Waypoints Arrow: TomTom
Wide Quest Log: Wide Quest Log | Wide Quest Log Plus
XP Trackers: Quest XP Tracker


RareScanner | SilverDragon | Tomcat's Tours | unitscan


RepByZone | Reputation Guide | Simple Waylaid Tooltip | Waylaid Supplies Reputation Hint | Waylaid Supplies Tooltip | WaylaidTooltipHelper


GnomTEC Badge | MyRolePlay | Total RP 3 | Total RP 3: RP Name in Quest Text


Better Runes Frame | Improved Rune Engraving UI | RuneBuddy | Rune Bar | Rune Engraver | Rune Manager | Rune Manager | Rune Reminder | Rune Sets | Simplified Rune Frame | TexRunes


Assign Music to Events: Soundtrack
Chat Sounds: Chat Sound Customizer
Combat Sounds: dG Killshot | Hear Kitty
Listen to and Play Music with Nearby Players: Musician
Mail Notification: YouGotMail
Mute: MuteSoundFile
NPC Voiceover: VoiceOver and VoiceOver Sounds Vanilla
Quest Progress/Completion Sounds: Smart Quest
Sound Browser: Leatrix Sounds


TacoTip | TinyTooltip | TipTac Reborn | ZaremTooltip
Add Best In Slot: SpecBisTooltip
Add Guild Name: Guild Tooltip
Add Item ID's: idTip
Add Mob Health/Mana/Ability Info: ClassicBestiary | MobInfo2 | Spells & Notes
Add Profession Information: ItemTooltipProfessionIcons | Where to Gather
Add Vendor Price: Better Vendor Price | Sell Price per Unit | Vendor Price | Vendor Price Plus
Add Warcraft Logs Data: WCLRankingTooltip
Add Waylaid Supplies Rep and Money Rewards: WaylaidSuppliesGoldCost | Waylaid Supplies Tracker | WaylaidTooltipHelper
Convert Combat Ratings: Convert Ratings | Rating Buster | Stat Weights Classic
Customize Stats Formatting: ZeraTooltip
Show Level Required to Mine/Herb When You Mouseover Dot on Minimap: Skill Info + | Track Everything


alaTradeSkill | Cloudy TradeSkill | Skillet Classic | TradeSkillMaster
Add if an Alt knows a Recipe to the Tooltip: RecipesCollector
Cooldowns: Lemmo's Craft Cooldown
Find Unlearned Recipes: Missing TradeSkills List | Recipe Master | Unlearned Recipes
Frame: ClassicProfessionFilter | TradeSkillDW | TrainAll
Leveling: ProfessionMaster
Link Required Materials: Profession Link Database

Specific Tradeskills
Cooking: Bites
Enchanting: Breakables | Disenchanter | Enchantmate | Molinari | Pro Enchanters | Profession Assistance
Fishing: Angler Atlas | Better Fishing | Fishbringer | Fishing Buddy Classic
Herbalism/Mining/Gathering: ClassicTrackingReminder | FarmHud | Gather Master | GatherMate2 | Routes | Skill Info + | Track Everything | Track Resources | XenTracker
TradeSkillMaster: Price Answer | String Converter

Unit Frames

DUnitFrames | Easy Frames | Inven Unit Frame | Luna Unit Frames | Perl Classic | Pitbull | Shadowed Unit Frames | whoa UnitFrames | Z-Perl Unit Frames
Add Class Icons: Classicons
Add Target Information: TargetPercent
Animate Portraits: Adapt
Align Default Unit Frames: Tunnelvision
Enhance Default Unit Frames: Elite Player Frame | Health Bar Color | Modern TargetFrame | UnitFramesImproved | ZaremUF
Enhance Default Raid Frames: BuffOverlay | ClassicHealPrediction | Enhanced Raid Frames | HealBarsClassic | Kallye Raid Frames | RaidFadeMore | RaidFrameSettings | RaidFrameSettings Excorp Fork
Replace Default Raid Frames: Aptechka | Cell | DRaidFrames | Grid2 | Healbot | Inven Raid Frame | Plexus | VuhDo
Sort Yourself to Top or Bottom: FrameSort


Compact Vendor | GnomishVendorShrinker | xMerchant
Add Vendor Price to Tooltip: Better Vendor Price | Sell Price per Unit | Vendor Price | Vendor Price Plus
Auto Buy: Reagent Filler | Restocker Classic
Auto Sell: Lemmo's Sell Greys | Peddler | Scrap
Auto Sell/Repair: AutoSellRepair | Vendormatic
Auto Sell/Repair/Buy: AutoShop | MarcoPolo
Auto Sell/Repair/Destroy: Aardvark
Color Known Recipes: Already Known?


Advanced XP Bar | Lemmos Experience Bar | Remaining XP | XP Bar Text | XP MultiBar