Vranx UI

Shaman Combat, Addons Marked

Addons Opened

Action Bars

AdiButtonAuras - shows auras/procs on action bar buttons
Bartender4 - full ActionBar replacement mod


Clean Icons - Thin - better looking default wow icons
SharedMedia - custom graphics, fonts. Edited to only contain the graphics|fonts I like


Auctionator - auction mod
GnomishAuctionShrinker - improved auction interface


BasicBuffs - allows you to move the default buff frame
nSpellTracker - simple buff, debuff and cooldown tracking, manual coding addon, use TellMeWhen if you cant do Lua


BadBoy - Spam blocker. Plugins: BadBoy_CCleaner, BadBoy_Levels
BasicChatMods - customizes chat abilities/appearance
- allows you to bind keys for chat channels
ChatSounds - custom sounds for channels
Damn Achievement Spam - Compacts the achievement messages

Class Hall/Garrison

OrderHallCommander - modifies the Order Hall Missions UI, Assigns heroes to missions


WorldFlightMap - Replaces the flight map with the normal world map


I replaced all of the in game fonts using the method described on the font page. I'm using the Roboto font which is available here


FriendsWithBenefits - sync friends list between characters


Kibs Item Level - checks gear for levels, missing enchants/gems


Clique - click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames


ChocolateBar - Data Broker display which shows various LDB plugins
Data Broker Plugins:
Broker_Currencyflow - gold totals and item tracker
gmProf - A minimal LDB plugin for displaying your professions.
gmSpecs - A minimal LDB plugin to change the current spec
picoFriends - friends display with detailed information about friends online
picoGuild - guild display with detailed information about guildies online


AdiBags - all in one bag mod with auto sorting categories. Plugins: AdiBags BoE & BoA, AdiBags Hearthstones, Adibags Legion Filters
BagSync - keeps track of inventory across characters


CrowBar - open inventory items with 1 button, lite version of New Openables
teksLoot - Minimalistic group roll frames


GnomishInboxShrinker - improved mail inbox interface
Postal - enhanced mailbox support


bdMinimap - rectangular minimap with buttons below
HandyNotes - notes for your map, Plugins: Handynotes_LegionRares&Treasures
TomTom - puts an arrow on your screen to a desired location


Artifact Progression Path - shows recommended artifact progression path from Icy Veins
Bugger / Buggrabber - captures UI errors
EnhancedStackSplit - Enhances the StackSplitFrame with numbered Buttons
Flash Taskbar - makes the wow icon on windows task bar flash/blink when WoW is minimized
Leatrix Plus - UI tweaks including maps, frames, chat, tooltips, quests, graphics, automation
TinyPad - notepad addon


KuiNameplates - modified nameplates with auras


BG Defender - announce the number of incoming enemies when defending a base
Capping - BG timer mod with some other extra features
LaLaLa - blocks chat and emotes from hostile players
MrTarget - Simple Enemy Unit Frame for battlegrounds
QuickQueue - automatically accepts the role check for group queueing


AutoEquipQuestItem - adds a button to the quest completion interface which allows you to auto equips selected quest Item after completion
ConsLegion - speed leveling addon for Legion
Kib: QuestMobs - adds a quest icon above any mobs needed for a quest
Quest Map with Details - quest log is combined with map
SorhaQuestLog - basic Quest/Achievement addon with quest progress sounds
World Quest Tracker - custom tracking for world quests


RaidFadeMore - fades raid frames more when player is out of range
Raid Frame Indicators - indicators for Raid Frames showing buffs/debuffs


Mute Annoying WoW Sounds - silences annoying sounds - chopper, copter, train, etc...


rTooltip - Lightweight tooltip replacement


Cloudy TradeSkill - improved default TradeSkill UI
Molinari - quick disenchant/milling/prospecting mod
Velluminous - lets you directly enchant to a vellum


AppearanceTooltip - shows you the appearance of items in their tooltip
Extended Transmog UI - expands the transmogrification interface

Unit Frames

oUF_Abu - customized oUF unit frames with cast bars


GnomishVendorShrinker - improved vendor interface
GoblinVendorFilter - filter merchant window items