Vendor Addons


AutoProfitX Can Sell Low quality gray items, Can Sell Automatically, Can Sell Soulbound, Can Sell Any Quality Item, Can Sell Sub Armor, Support Warcraft Equipment Manger


Can Sell Low quality gray items Automatically

Auto Seller

This addon is a improvement for quality of life and it can sell to a vendor your gray, green, blue items also can sell soulbound and low level epic items. Everything configurable.


This addon will automatically perform most of your vendor needs by selling any items you have in your bags, which you may not want and auto-repairing.

Extended Vendor UI

Extended Vendor UI extends the vendor interface, increasing the number of items visible per page, making it a little easier to find the items you're looking for. It also adds search and filtering functionality, and a button to quickly vendor all unwanted junk items.


GnomishVendorShrinker creates a simple, compact vendor frame. GVS brings an interface similar to Auctioneer's "CompactUI" to the vendor frame.
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Have you ever felt tired of selling, over and over, all that items you don't need at the merchant? There are several addons that lets you create a "junk list" and sell all the junk in your bags with a single-click, but they are always hard to use and doing the simplest tasks, like changing their filters, can be a real pain. Scrap tries to fill this hole: it is designed to be an easy to use and intuitive addon, but lightweight at the same time. If you are tired of slash commands and hard configuration, then this is the addon for you!


SellJunk sells all junk to the vendors. This includes all grey items and user specified items, that can be added to list of exceptions. It can either sell these items automatically at each vendor or you can do it manually by clicking "Sell Junk" button on each vendor's frame. You can also see how much gold you made from selling the trash. It can also destroy all junk instead of selling it, if you're far from vendors.


The purpose of this mod is to help selling items in an easier way than just clicking all of them in the merchant. Uses filters and modules to set items to be sold or destroyed.


A simple reagent restocker addon. When you visit a vendor who sells an item you have told SYC to buy, it buys it for you.
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Sometimes vendors sell so many items it's impossible to find the items you require. Introducing Vendorer which expands the merchant frame to display up to 20 items at once and offers several different types of filters to help you quickly browse for what you need. Addon also makes it easier to sell junk items and unusable soulbound loot. Upon closing vendor frame the addon shows money difference if money was gained or lost. Automatic smart repair feature will make it easy to repair your gear when visiting a vendor that can do repairs. Smart repair will try to spend the maximal guild repair allowance if possible. However, the automatic spending of guild funds can be optionally disabled.