Tooltip Addons

Cloudy Tooltip Mod

Lightweight addon that modifies the default tooltip.
curse wowi


Extremely simple addon that attaches the Game Tooltip to the mouse cursor.

Moncai Compare

EquipCompare. Many have used it, many loved it. Then, Blizzard added it's own implementation. However, this requires you to hold the shift key every time. Not anymore! MoncaiCompare is a lightweight addon with zero overhead to bring you the comfort of the original EquipCompare using as much as Blizzard's own code as possible. Automatically showing comparison tool tips in the bank, at the auction, in your bags, when looking at quest rewards and when clicking item links.


Customized Tooltip from NeavUI.
Requires !Beautycase for the border.
wowi github


A simple tooltip addon.


tekKompare is designed to do two things: Give you always-on compare tooltips, Show tooltips for links in chat when hovering over them.
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TipTac is a tooltip enchancement addon, it allows you to configure various things such as changing the tip anchor, the font, the scale of tips, plus a lot more.
It can also show a special tip window for units instead of the normal one, which allows for extra customization, such as having it show buffs, debuffs, health and mana bar, this can of course be disabled if you prefer the normal tip.
Config: /tip
curse wowi


Very lightweight tooltip addon that seeks to modify the default tip instead of replace it. Features: class-colored border for units, added target text line, "faded" tip if unit is tapped, dead, or offline, custom border, background, and status bar textures, ability to move the tooltip or attach to cursor, health percentage shown on statusbar, health bar moved inside tooltip, item-quality colored border for items, raid icon display. Configured through the Lua code.

Information Additions

Cloudy Unit Info

Lightweight addon that adds gear info and specialization of inspected player: Display average iLevel, BOA and PVP items, Display average / total iLevel in Character Info Sheet, Display player's specialization, Detect Upgraded and BOA iLevel
curse wowi


You may have asked yourself... "does my alt know that?" Well, this will tell you that via the tooltip for a recipe.


Exonumist adds information to the tooltips in the currency window showing how many of each token your other characters have. There are no options; it just works. Obviously, you must have logged into a character at least once since installing Exonumist before information about that character's tokens will appear in tooltips.
curse wowi


Adds SpellIDs and ItemIDs to the various ingame tooltips.

Simple iLevel

Shows the Average iLevel (AiL) of people you target in the tool tip. There is also a simple caching mechanism in order to not repeatedly inspect people that you already have data for however you can force a inspect of your target by typing /sil target


Detects whether or not you have already learned a specific Tome of Illusions. If you mouseover a Tome of Illusions it will report at the bottom of the tooltip whether or not you have already learned it.