Combat Log Recording

To save your combat log for uploading to websites you can use BossLogger.

Buff/Blessing/Flask/Elixir Tracking

BigBrother 6.0.2

Checks Raid Buffs, Elixirs/Flasks, Pally Buffs & Alerts who breaks Polymorph/Shackle.

RaidBuffStatus 6.0.2

Checks for raid buffs (including Paladin buffs), food buffs, elixir/flasks plus more.

Fail Tracking


Raid fail tracking mod. Reports to chat when players screw up in a raid. Features: GUI Options menu, Togglable fails, Top10 stat and overall reporting, Reset stats, Remove a fail, Different reporting styles (during combat/after combat).

Loot Tracking

Mizus RaidTracker 6.0.2

Mizus RaidTracker is an easy to use addon for tracking raids, loot and attendance. It provides solid automatic tracking functions, a simple to use GUI for modifying tracked data and a CTRaidTracker compatible data export.

Marking Mods


Addon for using the new World Markers (flares) as a party leader, raid leader or officer without going through the compact raid manager.
WoWInterface, Curse

Misc Mods


Boss Notes provides shareable notes and other information for your guild, party and raid community. The add-on lets you take notes from your boss encounter learnings and share this information with other players. You can also use Boss Notes as a general, structured in-game notepad. In addition, Boss Notes records trash and boss abilities and provides a collection of short encounter tactics. Boss Notes is based on a modular design. The standard distribution contains the Personal Notes, Abilities and Tactics modules. Extension modules can provide additonal functionality.
Config: /bn options

bRez 6.0.2

Designed to be a small & efficient addon, bRez was created for tracking druid Rebirth cooldowns.
WoWInterface, Curse

PhoenixStyle 6.0.2

PhoenixStyle is a WoW addon that tracks many fails, and other useful and interesting information on boss fights and has some interesting things for raid leaders.
WoWInterface, Curse

Upys Raid Tools

Upys Raid Tools are a set of tools and functions to assist in the running of raids.
Functionality Summary: Invites - Quickly build your raid and mass invite, also allows for raid setup to be automatically triggered based on settings; Raid Setup - Define the raid setup and key raid members such as role leaders; Substitutes - Call for and manage substitutes; Raiders - View a list of raiders who have been involved in the raid throughout the night; DKP & Loot - Manage DKP, Bidding, Loot and more; Assignments - Build and Broadcast fight assigns with input from role leaders (if required); Auto Marks - Setup Auto Mark profiles for encounters to ensure raiders/mobs retain marks throughout the fight; Guild Bank Repairs - Set Guild Bank repairs quickly and easily; Consumables - A range of consumable check options and tracking so you know who's doing the right/wrong thing; Thanks - quickly and easily give raiders a pat on the back after a tough night of progression; Attendance - Output format of your raiders and subs for input into other systems.