Automated Quest Addons


Blitz is a small addon which can automatically accept and deliver daily and repeatable quests: it allows the user to select which quests he wants to automate and by-passes all the gossip process for them, much alike the Auto Loot feature. Blitz does not come with a list of the repeatable and daily quests available ingame. Instead, it will build its database as you use it: repeatable quests are detected soon as you talk to the quest giver, dailies are detected when they get to your quest log.


A quest automization add-on. Features: Automatically pick up any quest, Automatically deliver any quest, Automatically use items that start quests, Automatically skip gossip if there is just one option, Highlights reward worth most at vendor, Works with the auto-quest system presented in Cataclysm, Alt-click in questlog to share quest, Ctrl-click in questlog to abandon quest, Temporarily disable by holding down the shift key.
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Sick Of Clicking Dailies

Sick of Clicking Dailies is an addon designed to make picking up daily quests and turning them in easier and more streamlined when you quest in bulk. This addon simply skips though all the gossip text when interacting wtih the NPC giving the quest. It also can automatically select a quest reward for the ones that have them, you can always leave it on none and the dialouge will stop there.

Tracker Tweaks


The MonkeyQuest AddOn for World of WarCraft displays quests and their objectives in a nice drag able frame in a very customizable way.

Kaliel's Tracker

Improved Blizzard Objective Tracker


Small mod to make the header of the QuestWatchFrame dragable. Lets you move the Blizzard QuestWatchFrame around.


Allows the display of quests and achievements on the screen in an configurable way.

Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?

Allows the quest tracker to be moved, tracker will collapse in whichever direction it's anchored to, quest tracker remembers collapsed state, adjust the scale, adjust the font/font size/font flag(outline, etc.)/remove shadow, adjust the spacing between lines, give the quest tracker a background and/or border (border can be class-colored), optional support for rActionButtonStyler to skin quest item buttons. adds a tooltip for quests to display their objective text, allows you to minimize/maximize (toggle) the tracker via keybind, option to automatically collapse the tracker when entering an instance or during pet battles, shortcuts added to the collapse button (toggle Quest Log, Achievement Frame, addon's options), global or character specific profiles. The slash command is /wfww. You may also alt-click the tracker's collapse button to access the options..

Misc Quest Addons


Adds a button to the quest completion interface which allows you to auto equip the selected quest Item after completion.


The AutoTurnIn addon can handle accepting and turning in completed quests and choosing rewards. It can decide which reward to select by specifying options and if no suitable item is offered, the highest value one may be looted. Afterwards, it can also equip the chosen reward. Complete automated quest acceptance and completion. May handle just daily quests or any others you find in your adventures..
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Classic Quest Log

Restores the old quest log with the familiar list of quests on the left and details on the right.
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Automagically watches factions based on your location.
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Enhanced reputation interface that shows quests broken down by faction which will increase your reputation.
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Shows the level of quests on the quest log, quest watch, gossip window, world map and quest links.


Displays quest comments from WoWHead in game. Using this mod is simple, if you use any default quest log mod, just open your quest log. The data will be loaded automatically, and quest details will be displayed for the selected quest.


OneChoice tries to help you reduce quest reward choices down to, ideally, one choice. Blizzard's quest UI marks items your character can't use in red so you know they're unusable. For classes that can use multiple types of armor this leads to a lot of choices, but your Mail wearing Warrior or Plate wearing Death Knight probably won't be interested in Cloth armor. So OneChoice marks all armor (except relics, rings, trinkets, necklaces and cloaks) that doesn't match your character's preferred armor type red as well. In addition to this OneChoice places a gold MV below the name of the item that vendors for the highest price. In cases where multiple items tie for this honor, the first one found ends up being marked. Also compares the iLevel of the item being offered and the one you have equipped and displays the difference on items that you can use.

Player XP Bar

This addon adds a little XP Bar under your portrait. XP is shown in percentage, you see when you have rested XP (show "(+xxx)" in the bar) and the bar has the same colors as the original XP bar (purple for normal xp and blue for rested xp). When you rollover the bar, you see details about your XP and XP to go (numeric & percent values).
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Quecho is a simple addon design with leveling duos in mind. It helps you keep track of your partner's quest progress. Both players must run Quecho for it to work. Players in your party not running Quecho will not be bothered with your quest info. Quecho provides a few basic features: Chatframe notifications when your partner accepts, turns in, or abandons a quest; A second "quest watch" frame that shows your partner's progress on curent quest objectives next to the default quest watch frame; Automatic exchange of "Quest item: 2/200" messages as quests are completed. There is no config, if enabled Quecho will send addon messages, and display any it receives. Messages have a 5 minute timeout, and are automatically removed after that expires.
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Adds quest levels to your quest log, the quest tracker, and quest links in chat.
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Enables you to see what quests you have completed, and what ones you still have to do. Supports server query, allowing you to query the blizzard server for all quests you have completed in the past.


QuestGuru is a Quest Log replacement that includes a Quest History, showing all quests that have been completed since installing QuestGuru. It uses a side-by-side quest log format to show you more quest titles than the built-in quest log.
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Quest Map With Details

Combines the best of two logs: quest details now appear in separate panel just like in old quest log, but entire log is still combined with map providing you all new WoD improvements.


When turning in a quest which gives a “select your reward” section, the item with the highest value is highlighted.


Quest Progress messaging and sound. Plays "Ready to Work" and "Work Complete" audio messages. Additionally, it will send the quest status to party chat if you are in a group.


Lightweight XP bar with a nice set of features. You can easily switch the bar to watch factions.

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