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An addon that allows you to customize and enchance how nameplates and nameplate casting bars appear in the game.


Prettier nameplates. Current features: All of the default nameplate features; Max & deficit (or current) display of health on units, depending on settings; Pretty fade in/out animations (which can be disabled with /knp gen fade); Tank mode (recolour health bars when you have threat - disabled by default, /knp tank toggle); Combo points; Automatic toggling of nameplates when you enter or exit combat (disabled by default, /knp gen combat); Cast & incoming healing warnings (disabled by default, /knp cast warnings).
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This AddOn will show you selected cooldowns of enemies above their nameplates. NameplateCooldowns does not contain a single piece of code from Icicle, but was inspired by it. Compatible with Tidy Plates, PlateBuffs.


Custom nameplates. These are part of the NeavUI package.
Requires !Beautycase for borders.
Vranx Note: The screenshot is using my own modified texture.
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The primary goal of this nameplate project is to maintain a lightweight footprint while providing as many "quality of life" features as possible. pNameplates is ideal for any player seeking a quality, lightweight nameplate replacement that is more than just the bare minimum.
Primary Features: Threat Alerts (Tank and DPS/Healer setups available), Font Type, Size, and Location settings, Toggleable Percent and HP Value, Raid Icon Coloring, In-Game Configuration Interface, Settings Profiles..


Just simple Diablo themed nameplates.

Texture Nameplates

This is a texture based nameplate skin for Blizzards nameplates.


Tidy Plates modifies the standard unit nameplates, making them a little bit more compact and legible. Most of the standard features have been integrated; Casting bar, aggro indicator, and raid icons.


Theme for TidyPlates, you must have that installed for this mod to work. ThreatPlates allow you to quickly see if you have aggro. They can be configured for dps/healing or for tanking. I use them for tanking on Vranx and I think they are great. In tanking mode the plates turn green and get smaller if I have aggro on the mob, and they turn red and get larger if I lose aggro. This makes it easy to click on a nameplate to taunt a mob back to me.

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