Looting Addons

Move Roll Frame

To move the default game group roll frame try LootRollMover.


Looting takes too long, the loot frame opens up slowly, things appear there, you wait, bleh! How about you use this, you click the corpse, your done. No loot frame popup, just loot everything. This is not a blacklist/whitelist, it just loots and loots faster.


Replacement for the default loot frame. It supports showing more than four items, and has a slick look. It doesn't have any settings, except the that it obeys the "Open loot frame at mouse".

Improved Loot Frame

Condenses all loot onto one page when using the Blizzard default loot frame (instead of having three items per page with scroll buttons). Using Improved Loot Frame will allow you to better see what loot is on a boss, especially in 25 man raids where there is a very large number of items on each boss.


Very simple addon that reduces loot spam by replacing how messages are shown with a more minimalistic fashion.


Minimalistic group roll frames. To move the loot frame type /teksloot.
Config: /teksloot
wowi, github


A remake of the built-in lootframe. | JuniorDeBoss Youtube Review