Garrison Addons


Mimics the mission list layout of the Legion Companion App and adds the artifact power amount to the reward icon.

Broker Garrison & Order Hall

Garrison Overview and Notifications. You can see when shipments/upgrades will be ready. Changes the notifications that pop up when missions are complete.


This addon is a collection of known locations of followers to collect them.


GarrisonCommander can automatically schedule all your missions with just 2 clicks, complete missiosn with 1 click, build optimal parties and includes realm wide brokers for garrison resources, mission statuses, work orders, harvesting and much more. Two very special features of Garrison Commander are Mission Control and Per follower mission list. JuniorDeBoss Youtube Review

Garrison Mission Manager

Assists you with selecting best team for garrison missions. It adds 3 butons on mission page with top 3 suggestions. Clicking any of those button sets suggested team. Each button will show you success rate along with icons for XP bonus, GR bonus, and reduced time.

Master Plan

Master Plan modifies the Garrison Missions UI, making it easier to figure out what you want to do. It can both suggest and complete parties to maximize mission rewards. Followers tab offers quick access to gear upgrades and trait-rerolling items. Auto completes missions without watching the animation or needing to open each mission chest.
WoW Master Plan Add-On Showcase & Guide on Youtube


Confused to choose which follower to level or hire? If you are looking for followers with particular specialization or abilities, this addon will help you.
Recruit Selection Frame
• Display the races and specializations of followers
• Tooltip of the follower will show if mouse is over the name
• Shift-click the name of a follower will create a follower link
Follower Tooltip
• Tooltip of follower will show in any follower list
• Tooltip will display how many followers that have the same ability pair
• Whenever shift is pressed, tooltip will display all other abilities the follower can get(depended on the specialization), and the traits will be hide so that the tooltip will not be too long.
• Whenever alt is pressed, tooltip will display what ability pairs the follower can get when he is epic and got retrained. If the follower has one ability, the pairs he may get when he becomes epic will be highlighted. And if the follower has two ability, the current pair will be highlighted.