Auction Addons


Figuring out a good buyout price when posting auctions can be tedious and time-consuming. If you're like most people, you first browse the current auctions to get a sense of how much your item is currently selling for. Then you undercut the lowest price by a bit. If you're creating multiple auctions you're bouncing back and forth between the Browse tab and the Auctions tab, doing lots of division in your head, and doing lots of clicking and typing.


The most popular auction mod. Provides you with in-game data on auction house items. Provides methods to identify bargains by identifying price trends and then finding items that will buyout or bidout for less than the trend data suggests should be it's correct price.Auctioneeraddon Website
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AuctionLite is a simple, lightweight addon that tracks auction house data and improves the interface for buying and selling items. AuctionLite allows you to: Scan the auction house, Search for and buy out auctions, Create auctions based on the current competition, Display tooltips with auction and vendor data.
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A compact auction house tool for being able to sell items like the wind, scanning auctions for item statistics, searching for wanted items in the auction house, looking for good opportunities among the current auctions and displaying the statistics gathered so far in the tooltip of any item.


GnomishAuctionShrinker creates a simple, compact auction browse view. GAS is designed to provide an interface similar to Auctioneer’s “CompactUI” in a small standalone addon.


Liquorice will add "Name" and "Buyout Price" sorting columns to the Auction House interface.


TradeSkillMaster is a MODULE BASED system to help both NEW Auctioneers and the MOST ELITE AUCTION GOBLINS manage everything related to the Auction House! Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with our community to develop an all-inclusive suite of modules that, when used together, follows our users through every single auction and crafting related function, making them as much gold in as automated of an environment as possible while still following blizz Terms of Service very closely.

The Undermine Journal

This addon is very simple. Install it, and most items that can be sold on the Auction House will have pricing statistics added to their tooltips. You do not need to run auction house scans like other pricing statistics addons, nor are there any options to set. Just install it, and you're done. The Undermine Journal Website


Shows Per Unit Pricing for Stacked Items on the Auction House.
Config: /up