Welcome to Vranx!

Vranx was created in January 2008 to help World of Warcraft players find addons and compilations. I am playing TBC but the website has addons for Retail as well.

Addon Spotlight

Vranx UI

My personal UI. For more information including import strings go to the Vranx UI page.


My favorite bag addon for years, auto sorts your bags into categories. Allows you to create custom categories. Lots of plugins available. Check it out - AdiBags, AdiBags with ElvUI Skin.


Immersion is a unique NPC interaction interface. It replaces the default gossip/quest frames with a more modern look. Check it out - Immersion.

Easier Questing Tip

Here is a tip that makes it much easier to find an NPC you are looking for. Go into Key Bindings - Target Markers - Assign Skull to Target and assign a key binding for skull, mine is bound to the number 1. If you are looking for a single NPC type in /tar "name" where name is the name of the npc you are looking for. Hit enter. If the NPC is around you will have them targeted. Hit your skull keybind and now you can find them much easier with the skull attached. I was looking for Marez Cowl in Arathi today and there were 3 players from the other faction there too. By targetting her I could see she was on the other side of a wall, easy kill, other players had no idea. If you are doing a quest where you need multiple types of NPC's (Mountain Lions and Hulking Mountain Lions) and you have met the requirement for Mountain Lions and still need Hulking, create a macro /tar Hulking and put it on your action bar. Press macro, target needed mob and hit skull keybind, easy questing.