About Vranx

This is a World of Warcraft user interface recommendation site. It lists popular addons, addons I currently use, addons I thought others may like and links to addon sites and general addon information. Addons are broken down into categories on the right side of the page.

My User Interface

To see descriptions of what addons I use go to my UI Page.


You will see some addons listed here have links to github. If an updated version of the addon is available on Curse or WoWInterface you should use that copy. github files may be in alpha/beta stages and may be unstable. However, some addons are only available on github, like GnomishInboxShrinker, so here is how you can get it:

Click the github logo

Click the green clone or download button and select Download Zip

Unzip the file

Rename the file and take off the -master

Drag the file into your addons folder