Welcome to Vranx!

Vranx was created in January 2008 to help World of Warcraft players find addons. The site has an addons list sorted into categories, a font page that shows how to change fonts, popular links and compilations along with a page showing my current UI with screenshots and a list of the addons I use. The addons listed are for Retail WoW but many also have a Classic version.

Addon Spotlight

Vranx UI

My personal UI. For more information including import strings and media, go to the Vranx UI page.


Sorted is a different kind of bag addon. It keeps items in a list which can be sorted and filtered. It also keeps track of alts. Check it out - Sorted.


Immersion is a unique NPC interaction interface. It replaces the default gossip/quest frames with a more modern look. Check it out - Immersion.

Addons List


Achieve It | Instance Achievement Tracker | Krowi's Achievement Filter | Overachiever | RaidAchievement | Tabard Addict | WoW Challenger
Rares: NPCScan | Rarefied | RareScanner | SilverDragon

Action Bar

Replace Default Action Bars: Bartender4 | Dominos
Add Bars/Buttons: ButtonForge | FlyoutButton Custom | Neuron | OPie | TinyExtraBars
Auto Update Inventory Items - Food/Water/Potions: AutoBar
Show Buffs/Debuffs: AdiButtonAuras
Show Cooldowns: CrackCooldown | OmniCC | tullaCC
Red out of Range: tullaRange
Skin Buttons: Masque


Track Your Alts: Alt Manager | Altoholic | AltVault | Armory | BankItems | Exlist
Track Guildies Alts: Alts

Art | Graphics

Aurora | Skinner
Create Panels: kgPanels
Replace Button Graphics: Clean Icons - Mechagnome Edition | Clean Icons - Original | Clean Icons - Thin
Skin Buttons: Masque


Auctionator | Auctioneer | TradeSkillMaster
Display Prices from Undermine Journal in Tooltips: Oribos Exchange | Undermine Journal
Gold Farm Value: WorthIt
Lengendary Crafters Inventory Tracker: Legendary Stock Tracker
Scan Server AH and Display Prices in Tooltips: AHDB | RECrystallize
Transmog Trackers: Collectionator | CollectionShop

Bags | Inventory

Bags - One Big Bag: Bagnon | Baud Bag | Combuctor | Inventorian | LiteBag | OneBag3
Bags - Searchable List of items including Alts: Baud Manifest | Sorted
Bags - Items sorted into Categories: AdiBags | ArkInventory | Baggins | cargBags | TBag
Automatically Open Containers: AutoOpen
Find Least Valuable Item to Delete when Bags are Full: Worthless
Inventory Trackers: BagSync | BankItems | ItemCountTooltip | UberInventory

Buff | Debuff

BigDebuffs | Buff Timers | Bufflehead | Buffwatch++ | Decursive | Gnosis | NugPlateAuras | NugRunning | Power Auras | Raven | TellMeWhen | WeakAuras


Group Calendar 5 Reloaded


AzCastBar | Castbars | CastCursor | Gnosis | Quartz | SPTimers


BasicChatMods | Chatter | Glass | Prat3
Add Main Name to Chat when playing alts: Identity2 | Name2Chat
Allow Multiple Guilds to share Guild Chat: GreenWall
Announce Spell Casts to Chat: Raeli's Spell Announcer
Bar for Channel Selection: ChatBar | QuickChat
Instant Messengers: Cellular | Sessions Messenger | WIM
Roleplay: Emote Splitter | Tongues
Sounds: Chat Sound Customizer | I Hear You Whisper
Spam: BadBoy | Global Ignore List and Chat Spam Filter | LFGSpamFilter

Collections | Companions | Mounts | Pets

All the Things | Collectinator | Collect Me | Mount Journal Enhanced | MountsJournal | MountSpy | Rarity
Battle Pets PetBattleMaster | PetTracker | Pokedex | Rematch


Doom_CooldownPulse | Gnosis | OmniCD | Power Auras | Raven | SPTimers | TellMeWhen | WeakAuras
Show Cooldowns on Action Bar Buttons: CrackCooldown | OmniCC | tullaCC


Grounded | ElitismHelper | GTFO
Announce Spell Casts to Chat: Raeli's Spell Announcer
Battle Text: MikScrollingBattleText | Parrot 2 | RgsCT | xCT+
Rotation: Conditioner | ConRO | DNA | EventHorizon | Hekili | HeroRotation | Max DPS Rotation Helper | Ovale (Scripts) | Watcher
Sounds: Hear Kitty


Command Table Missions: CovenantMissionHelper | Covenant Mission Success Estimates | Venture Plan
Conduits | Forge | Soul Binds: Conduit Drop Locations | ConduitHelper | CovenantForge | Soulbind Conduit Manager


Castbar on Cursor: CastCursor
WeakAuras Cursors: Mouse Cursor - Circle | Ultimate Mouse Cursor

Damage Meter

Details! | Numeration | Recount | Skada | Zadrot Damage Meter
Plugins: Details!|Skada Covenants

Data Bars | Data Broker

Titan Panel | XIV Databar
Data Broker Displays: Bazooka | ChocolateBar | DockingStation | InfoPanel | Titan Panel
Data Broker Modules: Broker Anything | Broker Everything | WoWI Data Broker Search | WoWI Titan Panel Search


Plugins: AddonSkins | AdiBags | Bag Filter | Chat Tweaks | Enhanced Again | Nuts and Bolts | ProjectAzilroka | Shadow & Light | Windtools
UIs: BenikUI | GennUI | KaitUI | MerathilisUI | RedtuzkUI | ThinkTankUI | Toxi UI


Faction Addict | MuffinFactionizer


InFlight Taxi Timer

Frame Mods

BlizzMove | Drift | LootRollMover | Move And Improve | MoveAnything | MoveAround

Gear | Stat Priority

Boss Loot Tables: AtlasLoot Enhanced | Mythic Plus Loot
Character Frame/Stats: DejaCharacterStats | Durability And ItemLevel | iLvLr | ItemLevelDisplay
Character Simulation/Improvement: AskMrRobot | Simulationcraft
Gear Scores in Tooltips for Comparisons: GearHelper | Pawn
Managers: Itemrack | Outfitter | TrinketMenu

Great Vault

Great Vault


Replace Default Raid Frames: Aptechka | Cell | Grid2 | Healbot | Plexus | VuhDo
Enhance Default Raid Frames: Enhanced Raid Frames | KHMRaidFrames | RaidFramesPlus
Add Spell Buttons to Unit Frames: Healium
Announce Status to Chat: Healer Protection
Click Casting: Clique


Examiner | InspectEquip3

Interface Options

AdvancedInterfaceOptions | Annoying Pop-Up Remover | ErrorMonster | Leatrix Plus


Astral Keys | iKeystones | Keyed | Keystone Roll-Call | REKeys | WeekKeys
Add Info About Keystones to Tooltips: KeystoneHelper | Keystone Loot
Add Info to the Mythic Keystone Objective Tracker.: Angry Keystones
Automatically Place your Keystone into the Font of Power: Auto Keystone


Replace Default Loot Frame: Improved Loot Frame | XLoot
Better Toasts: ls: Toasts
Filter What You Loot: Karni's Crap Filter
Speed Up Looting: Speedy AutoLoot

Macros | Keybinds

Macro Creation: AutoMacro | M6 | Mega Macro
Keybinding: BindPad | Clicked
Adds a Macro Which Creates a Flyout List: Select
Automatic Updating for Best Food/Water Macros: Buffet
Automatic Updating Talent Macros: TalentMacros
Create Sequence of Macros: GSE: Gnome Sequencer Enhanced
Improve Macro Frame/Icons: Improved Macro Frame | LargerMacroIconSelection | Macro Toolkit


Enhance Functionality: EasyMail | Postal
Enhance Appearance: Gnomish Inbox Shrinker
Automate Sending Items to Alts: Bulk Mail | Lockbox Mailer | MailCommander


Carbonite Maps | Leatrix Maps | Mapster | OmegaMap
Add a Line from Your Character to the Edge of the Map: MapLine
Add Waypoints: Pinup | TomTom
Flight Map: WorldFlightMap
Instance Maps: Atlas
Map Notes: HandyNotes | Instance Portals | Tomcat's Tours
Show Gathering Nodes: GatherMate2
Tracking: World Map Tracking Enhanced


BasicMinimap | Chinchilla | Neat Minimap | SexyMap | SquareMap
Add a Line from Your Character to the Edge of the Map: MinimapLine
Coordinates: SimpleCoords
Put Minimap Buttons into one Flyout Menu: MinimapButtonBag


Addon Control: Addon Control Panel
Create Wowhead Links: Wowhead Quick Link
Easier Scraping: Easy Scrap
Flash Taskbar Icon Upon Event when Alt Tabbed: Flash Taskbar
Improved Friends List: Favorites
Listen to and Play Music with Nearby Players: Musician
Notepad: TinyPad
Profiles | Settings: BtWLoadouts | Myslot | SwitchSwitch
Search Game Item Database: Ludwig


In Progress Missions | Mission Reports
Battle for Azeroth Command Table: ChampionCommander | War Plan
Dreanor Garrison: GarrisonCommander | Master Plan
Legion Order Hall: OrderHallCommander
Shadowlands Covenant: CovenantMissionHelper | Covenant Mission Success Estimates | Venture Plan


KiwiPlates | KuiNameplates | NamePlateKAI | NeatPlates | nPlates 2.0 | Plater Nameplates | Threat Plates | Tidy Plates
Add Auras to Nameplates: NameplateAuras
Add Cooldowns to Nameplates: NameplateCooldowns
Add Quest Progress to Nameplates: QuestPlates
Add Target Indicator to Target Nameplate: Crosshairs


LFG: Premade Groups Filter
Lockouts: Am I Locked Out | Saved Instances
Loot Spec: Loot Spec Swapper | LootSpecManager


Boss Mods Dungeon: Dungeon Helper | LittleWigs | Wind Dungeon Helper
Mists of Tirna Scithe Helpers: Maze Helper | Mists of Tirna Scithe Helper | Mists of Tirna Solver
Mythic: Dungeon Tools | GottaGoFast | iP Mythic Timer | Lucid Keystone | MDT Guide | Mythic Dungeon Tools | MythicPlus Timer | NamePlateM+ | QE Dungeon Tips


Boss Mods Raid: Big Wigs (Display Big Wigs bars as Sliding Icons ElWigo) | Deadly Boss Mods
Practice: X Practice
Raid: BossesKilled | Exorsus Raid Tools | Infinite Raid Tools | LFRAdvanced | Lite Assist | PhenomRaidTools | Raid Achievement | Raider.IO
Raid Leader: Angry Assignments | O Item Level | oRA3 | PhoenixStyle | QuickMark | RCLootCouncil


Torghast TourGuide


Add Enemy Trinket Status to Nameplates: NameplateCCnTrinket | Healers Have to Die
LFG: Premade Groups Filter
Track Debuffs: BigDebuffs
Track Dimishing Returns on CC: Diminish DR Tracker
Track Enemy Cooldowns: NameplateCooldowns | OmniBar
Track Party Cooldowns: OmniCD
World PvP: Stealth Alerter | weizPVP


Ability Team Tracker | GladiatorlosSA2 | Gladius | sArena


Atlas Battlegrounds | BattleGroundEnemies | BattleGroundTargets3 | BGCallouts | Capping | MrTarget | REPorter Battleground Map


Carbonite Quests | Quester
Easier Quest Abandon: Abandon Zone Quests | Reckless Abandon
Leveling Guides: Azeroth Auto Pilot | Wow-Pro Guides
Objective Tracker: Kaliel's Tracker | MonkeyQuest | QuestTrackerMover | SorhaQuestLog | Syling Tracker
Quest Accept/Turnin Automation: Auto TurnIn | Daily Grind | QuickQuest | Turn In
Quest Chain Progress: BtW Quests
Quest Completion Status: Quest Completist | Wholly and Grail
Quest Icons on Minimap: QuestPointer
Quest Progress/Completion Sounds: QuestNoise | Work_Complete
Replace Quest/Gossip NPC Interaction Frames: Immersion | Queso | Storyline
Revert Quest Log: Classic Quest Log
Waypoints Arrow: TomTom
World Quests: Angrier World Quests | Better World Quests | World Quest Tracker | World Quests List | World Quest Tab


MyRolePlay | Total RP 3 | XRP
Chat: Emote Splitter
Create Custom RP Unit Frames: RP Tags


TinyTooltip | TipTac
Add Conduit Information: ConduitHelper
Add Item Level: Tooltip Item Level
Add Item Version: ItemVersion
Add Mob Health Mana Info: MobInfo2
Add Objective Progress: SimpleObjectiveProgress
Add Player Item Level and Spec: AverageItemLevel
Add Profession Information: SmexyMats
Add PVP Rating: Drustvar PVP Ratings | PvPDB
Add Vendor Price: Better Vendor Price


Skillet | TradeSkillMaster
Archaeology: Minimal Archaeology
Enchanting: Disenchant Crafted Items | Enchant Vellum | Epic Enchant List
Fishing: Fishing Buddy | MrFish
Gathering: FarmHud | GatherMate2 | Routes
Jewelcrafting: Epic Gem List
Milling/Prospecting/DisEnchanting: Breakables | Molinari | Profession Assistance
Recipes: Ackis Recipe List | Fleecing Tip


Better Wardrobe and Transmog | Caerdon Wardrobe | HideAppearance | Legion Wardrobe | MogIt | mOnArs WardrobeHelper | Narcissus | TransmogWishList
Auction: Collectionator | CollectionShop

Unit Frames

DUnitFrames | Easy Frames | Galvins Unitbars | Perl Classic | Pitbull | Shadowed Unit Frames | whoa UnitFrames | Z-Perl Unit Frames
Add Class Icons: Classicons Reborn
Animate Portraits: Adapt
Raid Frames: Blizzard Raid Frames - Solo Frame | DRaidFrames | PerfectRaid
Healing Raid Frames: Aptechka | Cell | Grid2 | Healbot | Plexus | VuhDo


Compact Vendor and Compact Vendor Filter | Vendorer | xMerchant
Add Vendor Price to Tooltip: Better Vendor Price
Auto Sell Junk at Vendor: Scrap


Experiencer | Xparky | XPBarNone